French Wash

Porters French Wash…perfect for your home!

We were recently engaged to paint a beautiful new big home in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Our clients were building their dream home and wanted to create a warm, lived in feeling for their new home on acreage and what better way to create this than by using Porter’s French Wash product.


Porter’s French Wash creates the look of a delicate broken colour – a subtle marble-like finish which was discovered centuries ago by European masters.

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In this case, the French Wash was applied over Porter’s Low Sheen Acrylic to create a soft, broken look, which is perfect for large areas.

French Wash Stairs

A beautiful feature of Bronze and Bronze Verdigris put the finishing touches to create a beautiful, authentic and warm room.

Bronze & Bronze Verdigris 2

This new “ol’ farm house” is certainly much more than that. I certainly can see myself sitting back there by the large window with a drink next to the warmth of the beautiful stone fire place.

Bronze & Bronze Verdigris

It is such a pleasure and a privilege to be invited into our client’s homes and help make their ideas come to life….oh and there are far worse places to be working than in the beautiful Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.

Call Darren to discuss how these beautiful finishes can give your home that touch of something different.

Distressed Feature Walls

Porter’s paints Lime Wash and Render creates the perfect distressed feature wall.

Traditional brick feature walls give great depth and warmth to any room; however, with the on trend look now being distressed, you can up-style your brick wall to a whole new look.

This project all started with the owners gaining inspiration from a picture in a magazine.


This brick wall is a neat and tidy wall that is about to be revamped using render and Porter’s Paints Lime Wash.

IMG_5697 (3) (1)

Follow these pictures to see the transformation from neat and tidy to on-trend and amazing!

This brick wall is NOW a feature wall and the Lime Wash finish gives an authentic aged and work look.

The finished look is so fresh and appealing and has lifted this whole space to a bright and modern room.

It’s important that you don’t just skim past those pages when flicking through home magazines, if you see something you like; contact Darren Slater Painter & Decorator for a free, no obligation quote on transforming your room or whole house.

No JOB is too BIG or too SMALL for us!

Nothing starts the New Year like a major new project!

Body Corporate Maintenance Work

The One Macquarie building is a unique, luxurious apartment complex in Teneriffe, offering one of Brisbane’s most exclusive riverside addresses.

Project-OneMacquarie-FullWidth-1 CC

A fresh coat of paint will brighten and freshen the exterior of the building. But a great exterior paint job does more than just brighten the appearance of any home or building. The paint helps protect the structure from our extreme elements that we suffer here in beautiful Queensland.

Body corporate maintenance work is just some of our projects at Darren Slater Painter & Decorator and we couldn’t be happier to have our painters at this awesome location.

Abseilers 1

This complex is made up of four separate buildings comprising of 34 apartments. These exclusive residences feature luxurious finishes and features including gymnasium, lap pool, steam room and 17 marina berths.

Oh and the view is undeniably amazing.


The project consists of painting the external buildings, pool areas, garden walls, gymnasium and car parks and will take us approximately 4 months to complete.

Abseiling equipment makes reaching those hard to reach places a piece of cake!

Abseilers 3

So…watch this space for regular updates on our progress as we work at this beautiful location.


The HIA, Sunday Mail Home Show

was held on the 9-11 September 2016 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre was a great 1st show for Darren Slater Painter & Decorator.


Our aim is to get the brand Darren Slater Painter & Decorator to be the first you think of when wanting a quality painting job for your home, office, boat, shed or furniture. The difference between a paint job and a Darren Slater Painter & Decorator paint job is not only the quality of the products used, but the service and the professionalism of our tradesmen.

Our stand at the Home Show was bright, colourful and full of professional pride. Our stand was overflowing with samples of great faux finishes and ideas. We included a lot of information and items in our stand, because at Darren Slater Painter & Decorator we have a lot to offer.


With Darren Slater, Luke Barrett and James Christoforou, just some of our professional staff, on hand to offer great advice and encouragement to all the guests visiting our stand and attending the Home Show.


Guests were invited to enter the draw to win Planters, which were hand painted, in a selection of amazing finishes. I am sure that the 9 lucky winners were thrilled with their new planters.


With this being the first Home Show experience for Darren Slater Painter & Decorator, we were excited and are encouraged by the positive results that we received. You will definitely see us at the next Home Show. We are already thinking up new ideas for the next one…keep your eye out.


New Life For Old Furniture

Furniture Revival

Old pieces of furniture have an aura of history, nostalgia and are irreplaceable, but how do they fit into our homes when they are worn and unappealing?

A recent client has just experienced this dilemma. Finding the perfect pieces to go with her classic home was proving to be impossible, but with a little bit of imagination, the perfect pieces of furniture were just a pot of paint away. One call to Darren Slater Painter & Decorator and Darren had Luke ready to give this old furniture new life.

With a visit to the local Porters store, Luke purchased the Porters Paint Chalk Emulsion and some Antique Bees Wax. These products were the best choice to achieve the expected outcome for this furniture, which was a white shabby chic look. The Chalk Emulsion leaves the furniture with a soft chalky appearance.

Our client chose her favourite fabric and now the lounge is ready for the upholsters to recover, and when complete, it will be a valued piece in our client’s furniture collection.

IMG_2740                   Picture1
Picture2 Before & after and with a sample of selected fabric.

Now for that hall table…

The hall table was worn and marked. Applying the same products (along with a new piece of granite for the top) has given this hall table a bright and fresh shabby chic look.

IMG_2745 Hall table with undercoat Picture3

So whatever the painting project, our team of qualified, experienced tradesmen can help you achieve your creative ideas. You are only limited by your own imagination. Use this cooler weather to get the projects completed to have your home ready for spring entertaining!




We’re attending the Dulux Trade Expo in Melbourne!

Hi everyone, Darren here! It’s not often I get to hang out with a group of painters and do a bunch of awesome activities, but July has presented two opportunities for me to do just that!

On the 23rd, 24th and 25th of July I attended the 14th Dulux Accredited National Conference. This years theme is ‘Be Different’. As consumers, I’m sure you are more than aware of the overwhelming choice you are faced with when it comes to products and services in the painting world. Here, at Darren Slater painting we try our best to stand out from the crowd with the unique skills and services we offer. And that is exactly what this years conference is about: how to stand out among sameness. Although we tend not to think of our work as same-same, we’re excited to attend and learn!

Darren Slater Expo 1          Darren Slater Expo 2          Darren Slater Expo 3

Attending these expos gives us the chance to seek inspiration, Moncler outlet broaden our professional network and (hopefully!) stay ahead of our competition. Each year these conferences help us improve our customer experiences, moncleronline enlighten us to new insights from leading industry professionals and instill an overall sense of excitement in our business’ growth.

As well as the Dulux Accredited National Conference, I’ll also be attending the Dulux Trade Expo on the 28th of July in Melbourne representing Dulux and Porters Paints. On the theme of being different, there are so many unique and exciting ways to utilise paint; that’s why I relish these opportunities to let fellow painters in on the latest painting innovations.

Will you be at any of these? Let us know, or come and say hi!

At Darren Slater, we have over 20 years experience in residential, commercial and decorative painting servicing the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions. Check out our Gallery and see our latest work!

Darren Slater’s Top 5 Painting Tips

Hi everyone, Darren here! I often get asked from clients and colleagues my top tips when it comes to painting. Below are my top 5 painting tips from all of us at Darren Slater Painter if you’re thinking about DIY-ing your next paint project.  But as always, if you’re ever unsure about anything make sure you call professionals for help! 

Tip #1 – Prime your walls before painting

Applying a layer of primer before painting will help you achieve professional and high-end finish. Many homeowners opt to not prime when they do it themselves but end up with drab-looking results. Priming your walls before you start painting assists in smoothing out ridges and creating a nice even base for paint to adhere to.

Tip #2 – Masking

Masking before painting will help you get that sharp, clean edge on your walls. Don’t use regular masking tape to prep your work as normal masking tape can leave a sticky residue on your paint when you peel it off. Make sure you purchase trade painter’s masking tape, available at all good hardware stores like Bunnings and paint stores, and press the tape down with a putty knife to ensure it adheres well to the surface.

Tip #3 – Use canvas sheets to protect floors

At Darren Slater we strive to leave a lasting impression for our top-notch painting skills, but not a permanent one by staining your carpets or floors! Protect your floors by covering them with cotton drop cloths instead of plastic ones. Cotton drop cloths repel paint spills and avoids slips and falls unlike their plastic counterparts. It also avoids getting work boots covered in paint and trailing it into other areas you don’t want paint to be on like wooden floors! 

Tip #4 – Paint the ceiling first

The best order to paint is to go from top to bottom: start with the ceiling, then walls, doors, windows, skirting and then trims. It’s recommended to start by painting the ceiling first so any residual drips will fall onto the wall – and you would go over to cover up when you paint the walls next.  

Tip #5 – Cover paint rollers when not in use

When you’re not using paint rollers, make sure you cover them with plastic wrap, plastic bags or tin foil to reduce air exposure and keep them fresh when you get back to using them. We look after our tools to make sure they last so that we make sure we get that high-end finish you’re after when you call upon a member of Darren Slater’s team.

If you are ever unsure about anything it’s best to leave it to the professionals like Darren and his team to avoid a disaster and it could end up costing more than your originally budgeted for. Nevertheless, painting can be fun!  It’s takes a bit of practice to get it right but it’s worth taking the time to do it.

At Darren Slater, we have over 20 years experience in residential, commercial and decorative painting servicing the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions. Check out our Gallery and see our latest work!