External Building Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of a paint system that is exposed to extreme elements, regular inspections should be carried out and general maintenance made to any areas that are damaged or under stress.

There are several key things to look for when preparing a surface for repainting:
•   Is there mould present? A quick wash with water will not remove spores or small particles, a chemical treatment is required. Moulds can regrow underneath new paint films popping them off the surface.
•    Is the surface chalky or dirty? Proper cleaning involves both washing and rinsing. Cleaning solutions bind up dirt and small particles so that they are washed away from the surface, rather than just moved around.
•   Are there old sealants and puttys? Failed sealants and puttys should be removed and replaced with new materials. Adhesion tests should be carried out on any previously painted areas. • Are there cracks, loose render or exposed rebar? If your building is in a seaside location these are some of the issues you can be faced with. These issues need to be dealt with quickly as allowing water ingress will increase the amount of damage and therefore repair work needed. Wind driven rain, especially with a high salt content erodes the weather protection of the building.

Mermaid Beach Surf Club – Before
Mermaid Beach Surf Club – After

External paint coatings don’t last forever, and recoating must be carried out routinely to maintain decorative and weather-resistant properties. How long external paint will last depends on the:
•   quality of surface preparation and condition of the old paint. Paint will last better when the old paint is still in a reasonably sound condition and the surface is well prepared for the new paint
•   quality of the paint used. Typically, you get what you pay for – extremely cheap paints are likely to deteriorate faster than better quality (more expensive) paints
•   amount of sun shining on it – paint on the side of a building that gets less UV light exposure and will last longer than paint on a full exposed side
 •   colour – lighter colours tend to last longer than darker because they absorb less heat, so expand and contract less
•   size and type of material under the paint.  Paint properly applied to cement-based materials tends to last longer than paint on timber
•   cleanliness of the painted surface – wash down often to remove airborne chemicals and dirt from the surface
•   number of coats applied
•   underlying colour – applying a dark colour directly over a light one can cause a previously sound paint to lose adhesion because of the higher surface temperature.

If your building’s exterior needs a fresh coat of paint, finishing, cleaning or re-sealing contact us for a free non-obligation quote now.

Luxury living with Panoramic views

2018 was a huge year for us when it came to massive projects all on the go at the same time. Panorama Residences at Carrara was just one of these projects.


With expansive 360 degree views to the Gold Coast City skyline and across to the Hinterland, Panorama Residences comprises of 39 x 2 storey terrace homes and 26 x single storey garden villa apartments.


This project for us consisted of both all external and all internal paint work. Total job included 2 apartment buildings and 5 town house buildings.



Decorative Employee Workshops

Decorative Employee Workshops..

From time to time our staff get together for decorative workshops where they get the opportunity to learn and explore new techniques, to apply multiple products to achieve a custom new finish, the chance to play with products they may not get exposure to daily, and time to share ideas with each other.


By holding regular workshops this keeps our staff up to date with the latest decorative trends and allows them to become familiar with new products being released.


During this time we encourage everyone to mix products together to see how they blend, layer, and set using different tools to achieve different affects.


Some of the samples staff created at our last workshop.



Exterior Timber & Decks

With summer almost over now is the time to consider that necessary maintenance to bring your exterior timber back to life. Regular maintenance is important to extend the life of your existing timber, especially in the harsh climate we live in and to keep it looking fresh and new.


Timber that has been left untreated will suffer from various issues that include not only fading, but also splintering, some can even rot. Most of these issues can be solved if they are treated in time.


If your exterior timber needs maintenance, finishing, sanding, cleaning, or re-coating contact us for a free non-obligation quote now.


Coffee Shop Elegance

Formerly the historic Myer building on the corner of Old Cleveland Rd and Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo Square has been transformed into Brisbane’s newest transport orientated development. Kivahan – Experience Coffee has been added to this new development and we had the privilege to add elegance to an already beautiful shop.

Kivahan was named after the world’s first coffee shop that opened in Constantinople (Istanbul), in Turkey in 1475. Kivahan also has an established shop located at the Gasworks Plaza, Newstead.

Given the history behind the name of Kivahan applying Fresco to create a sophisticated and elegant rustic look to the main walls was the perfect choice for this little coffee shop.

Using Porter’s Fresco, also known as polished plaster, the technique and application are difficult, but definitely have a result that is worth the effort.

The colour Fresco used for this project was a custom colour – 1/2 Agra, requiring 2 coats for the ultimate finish. The product is applied with a trowel for the two coats, and the technique is similar to the application of concrete render.

We are extremely happy with the final result of this project and hope the staff enjoy working in this beautifully presented shop.

Queenslander Repaint

Traditional, Stylish, Classic & Modern…

Nestled in a small quiet street in Ascot, Brisbane this 80+ year old was in desperate need for a new paint job. The owner of this old beauty wanted a to apply a timeless colour pallet using the best products to survive the harsh Queensland weather. A small dedicated team were to transform both the inside and outside of this classic home and restore it back to look brand new.

Our dedicated team prepared all woodwork prior to painting, applying Dulux Weathersheild Low Sheen to all exterior weatherboards. Maintaining all original frames, doors and other timber work the correct products were required to eliminate quick wear and tear.

All woodwork required prepping prior to painting, applying Dulux Weathersheild Low Sheen to all exterior weatherboards. Maintaining all original frames, doors and other timber work the correct products were required to eliminate quick wear and tear.

Both front and back timber decks were also stripped back to bear timber, then a coat of Sikkens Filter 7 Deck Plus was applied.

By keeping soft neutral colours to the inside of this  home we were able to transform what felt like smalls spaces to large open plan layout feel. All woodwork inside and out like frames etc were painted in a Resene Waterbourne Semi Gloss.

Taubmans Living Proof Silk was applied to all VJ interior ceilings and walls, using a brush finish, while Taubmans TradeX ceiling flat was used for the gyprock ceilings.

It was an absolute pleasure being able to transform such an old home and give it new life.

Call Darren to discuss how we can bring your home back to new!

French Wash

Porters French Wash…perfect for your home!

We were recently engaged to paint a beautiful new big home in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Our clients were building their dream home and wanted to create a warm, lived in feeling for their new home on acreage and what better way to create this than by using Porter’s French Wash product.

Maleny Blog_Easy-Resize.com

Porter’s French Wash creates the look of a delicate broken colour – a subtle marble-like finish which was discovered centuries ago by European masters.

Maleny Blog 2_Easy-Resize.com

In this case, the French Wash was applied over Porter’s Low Sheen Acrylic to create a soft, broken look, which is perfect for large areas.

French Wash Stairs

A beautiful feature of Bronze and Bronze Verdigris put the finishing touches to create a beautiful, authentic and warm room.

Bronze & Bronze Verdigris 2

This new “ol’ farm house” is certainly much more than that. I certainly can see myself sitting back there by the large window with a drink next to the warmth of the beautiful stone fire place.

Bronze & Bronze Verdigris

It is such a pleasure and a privilege to be invited into our client’s homes and help make their ideas come to life….oh and there are far worse places to be working than in the beautiful Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.

Call Darren to discuss how these beautiful finishes can give your home that touch of something different.

Distressed Feature Walls

Porter’s paints Lime Wash and Render creates the perfect distressed feature wall.

Traditional brick feature walls give great depth and warmth to any room; however, with the on trend look now being distressed, you can up-style your brick wall to a whole new look.

This project all started with the owners gaining inspiration from a picture in a magazine.


This brick wall is a neat and tidy wall that is about to be revamped using render and Porter’s Paints Lime Wash.

IMG_5697 (3)_Easy-Resize.com (1)

Follow these pictures to see the transformation from neat and tidy to on-trend and amazing!


This brick wall is NOW a feature wall and the Lime Wash finish gives an authentic aged and work look.


The finished look is so fresh and appealing and has lifted this whole space to a bright and modern room.


It’s important that you don’t just skim past those pages when flicking through home magazines, if you see something you like; contact Darren Slater Painter & Decorator for a free, no obligation quote on transforming your room or whole house.



Wallpaper… not just for Grandma’s house anymore!

Wallpaper is making (or has made) a come-back and in a huge way. You probably recall Grandma’s house had that room that was plastered from roof to floor with a gory floral declatage…does this photo from Google Images help you recall?

grandmas wallpaper


We are happy to say that this is no longer the case and some of the wallpaper jobs we have been doing lately are definitely a far cry from gory.

At Darren Slater Painter & Decorator, we can apply your wallpaper to your home or office with minimum down time. Long gone the days of messy, unmanageable glues. These modern wallpapers have helped make the application much easier for professionals.

IMG_1092 Compressed

From elegance to Art Deco, the commercial application of all these wallpapers will stand the test of time. Not only are they eye catching, they are durable, strong and easy to clean.


So when you are looking for that something different, don’t be afraid to think wallpaper.


Now doesn’t this make a statement!

Port office wallpaper (2)

So let our your inner designer and see what results you can achieve.


So give us a call at Darren Slater Painter & Decorator to discuss your ideas.

No JOB is too BIG or too SMALL for us!

Nothing starts the New Year like a major new project!

Body Corporate Maintenance Work

The One Macquarie building is a unique, luxurious apartment complex in Teneriffe, offering one of Brisbane’s most exclusive riverside addresses.

Project-OneMacquarie-FullWidth-1 CC

A fresh coat of paint will brighten and freshen the exterior of the building. But a great exterior paint job does more than just brighten the appearance of any home or building. The paint helps protect the structure from our extreme elements that we suffer here in beautiful Queensland.

Body corporate maintenance work is just some of our projects at Darren Slater Painter & Decorator and we couldn’t be happier to have our painters at this awesome location.

Abseilers 1

This complex is made up of four separate buildings comprising of 34 apartments. These exclusive residences feature luxurious finishes and features including gymnasium, lap pool, steam room and 17 marina berths.

Oh and the view is undeniably amazing.


The project consists of painting the external buildings, pool areas, garden walls, gymnasium and car parks and will take us approximately 4 months to complete.

Abseiling equipment makes reaching those hard to reach places a piece of cake!

Abseilers 3

So…watch this space for regular updates on our progress as we work at this beautiful location.