Darren Slater’s Top 5 Painting Tips

Hi everyone, Darren here! I often get asked from clients and colleagues my top tips when it comes to painting. Below are my top 5 painting tips from all of us at Darren Slater Painter if you’re thinking about DIY-ing your next paint project.  But as always, if you’re ever unsure about anything make sure you call professionals for help! 

Tip #1 – Prime your walls before painting

Applying a layer of primer before painting will help you achieve professional and high-end finish. Many homeowners opt to not prime when they do it themselves but end up with drab-looking results. Priming your walls before you start painting assists in smoothing out ridges and creating a nice even base for paint to adhere to.

Tip #2 – Masking

Masking before painting will help you get that sharp, clean edge on your walls. Don’t use regular masking tape to prep your work as normal masking tape can leave a sticky residue on your paint when you peel it off. Make sure you purchase trade painter’s masking tape, available at all good hardware stores like Bunnings and paint stores, and press the tape down with a putty knife to ensure it adheres well to the surface.

Tip #3 – Use canvas sheets to protect floors

At Darren Slater we strive to leave a lasting impression for our top-notch painting skills, but not a permanent one by staining your carpets or floors! Protect your floors by covering them with cotton drop cloths instead of plastic ones. Cotton drop cloths repel paint spills and avoids slips and falls unlike their plastic counterparts. It also avoids getting work boots covered in paint and trailing it into other areas you don’t want paint to be on like wooden floors! 

Tip #4 – Paint the ceiling first

The best order to paint is to go from top to bottom: start with the ceiling, then walls, doors, windows, skirting and then trims. It’s recommended to start by painting the ceiling first so any residual drips will fall onto the wall – and you would go over to cover up when you paint the walls next.  

Tip #5 – Cover paint rollers when not in use

When you’re not using paint rollers, make sure you cover them with plastic wrap, plastic bags or tin foil to reduce air exposure and keep them fresh when you get back to using them. We look after our tools to make sure they last so that we make sure we get that high-end finish you’re after when you call upon a member of Darren Slater’s team.

If you are ever unsure about anything it’s best to leave it to the professionals like Darren and his team to avoid a disaster and it could end up costing more than your originally budgeted for. Nevertheless, painting can be fun!  It’s takes a bit of practice to get it right but it’s worth taking the time to do it.

At Darren Slater, we have over 20 years experience in residential, commercial and decorative painting servicing the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions. Check out our Gallery and see our latest work!